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Kids' Tips

Plan to arrive to the parks early and take a break in the middle of the day for lunch and afternoon naps (for parents and tots). Head back to the theme parks in the late afternoon after everyone is well-rested and ready for more fun.

Baby Care Centres are ideal for mums with infants. Located at each Disney theme park, the private rooms offer rocking chairs and low lighting for nursing mothers, feeding rooms with highchairs, bibs and plastic spoons, plus baby-changing rooms.

No need to pack up all the baby gear for a trip to Disney. In-park pushchair rental makes traveling through the theme parks easy.

A theme-park "rider switch" policy gives both mom and dad a chance to enjoy the latest attractions without the double wait. A parent who waits with a young child while the other parent rides the attraction can get on the ride with minimal wait time once the first parent comes off.

While youngsters are typically captivated by all of Disneyland Paris, be sure to seek out attractions and activities that are appropriate for little ones. (Some may be too intense.) Sure hits for small ones include any of the Fantasyland attractions, and the expanding Toon Studio at Walt Disney Studios Park.

If available, choose a seat located near the back or side of attractions for a quick exit.

There are baby-changing stations in all bathrooms, including men's and family rest rooms.

Most Disney restaurants offer children's menus, plus crayons and coloring books to keep kids entertained. Character dining -- where a cast of characters visits your table while you eat -- is a great way to introduce little ones to Disney characters.

Bottle warmers are available at most restaurants.

In the theme parks, let kids get the “wiggles out” at play spots like Fort Comstock in Frontierland, Critter Coral farm or Pocahontas Indian Village playground.

For an easy introduction to the Disney Characters, make a reservation for a character meal, tea time for tots or birthday parties organized in the Disneyland Park.

Be prepared for the weather. In summer bring extra sunscreen, a hat, umbrella, plus a sweatshirt for chilly, air-conditioned theaters. In winter make sure the kids are well wrapped up.

Help kids to save for the trip and be able to buy their own souvenirs.

Carry a change of clothes with you.

Ensure that children know what to do if they get lost - go to the nearest Cast Member (identified by wearing name badges, or i shops and restaurants.)
There are two meeting points for lost children:
·  In Disneyland Park - between the Plaza Gardens Restaurant and the First Aid Post
·  In Walt Disney Studios Park - at the entrance, next to Studio Services

For older children, pre-arrange a place to meet in case you get separated.

Write you name and cellphone number on a piece of paper and place it in the child's pocket. Disney can provide special name tags for children, available at Guest Relations or Baby Care Centres.

Dress young children in brightly coloured tops then they are easily spotted in crowds.


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