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Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show

"Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show" awaits you at Disney Village, facing the Disneyland Park. Step over the threshold into a world of prairies and ranches, into the excitement of the Far West!

For the first time ever Mickey and his friends – Minnie, Goofy, and Chip and Dale – invite guests onto Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show! They will take the audience
back to the time of the Old West to meet Buffalo Bill, Sitting Bull, Annie Oakley and the Rough Riders.

This show offers terrific entertainment... and more. It takes you back in time. With remarkable concern for authenticity, it evokes the most extraordinary epic of the 19th century, the riveting story of young America and the daring trailblazers who opened up her farthest western reaches. Grandiose and moving, this evocation is inspired by the incredible adventures of the legendary Buffalo Bill, whose real name was Colonel Cody, scout-in-chief for the U.S. Army. After taking part in the heroic conquest of the West, Cody decided to dramatize this experience in his thrilling "Wild West" spectacle.

You will love "Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show" at Disney Village. Every detail helps recreate a genuine old-time atmosphere.
Each new arrival is presented with a cowboy hat and led to the Saloon where, an hour before show time, spectators can admire original posters commemorating the world tours taken by Cody's "Wild West" spectacle, not to mention old state flags and other period-pieces such as tomahawks, Winchester rifles, totem poles, sheriff's stars and buffalo heads. Country music by the Moody Brothers Band from South Carolina will set your toes to tapping.

The next stop after the Saloon is one of four ranches: the Gold Star, Red River, Blue Moon or Green Mountain. The show gets off to a roaring start. Spectators are immediately involved in the action, as ranch hands call for volunteers to represent their ranches in various contests and whip up plenty of team spirit.

Cowboys riding hell-for-leather then make a spectacular entrance, with Buffalo Bill hard on their heels, and the show is on! Scenes of pioneer life (around the campfire), demonstrations of Indian rituals, a rodeo with stunt riding, the arrival of buffalo, lasso-throwing numbers and a shooting match where spectators try their hand at marksmanship, follow each other at a tremendous pace and culminate in the famous stagecoach race.

During these gripping, realistic scenes, you will meet legendary characters like Annie Oakley ("Queen of the Winchester") and Sitting Bull, who defeated General Custer.

Traditional Tex-Mex cuisine served in Western-style mess tins makes the perfect accompaniment to the show.

About this Attraction

Location: Disney Village

Type: Dinner show

Duration: 1 hour and 30 minutes

Tips & Fun Facts

All guests receive a cowboy hat.
Spectators are expected to arrive 45 minutes before show time.
Individual seats not guaranteed for children under 3 years.

The actors and actresses hail from North America
The cowboys include top rodeo champions.
The Indians come from a variety of tribes (most are Blackfeet from the northwestern United States, Crows from Montana, Sioux or Crees from Canada, and a few are Cherokees and Shawnees from the midwestern United States).
The actors playing Buffalo Bill and Sitting Bull were auditioned and picked in Hollywood.
The buffalo come from Canada. These animals, which remain wild even in captivity, require special care. The weight of our show animals varies from 600 kilos to 1 ton.
The longhorn cattle come from Texas. The horns of an adult male can span between 1.5 and 2 meters!
The horses are the same as in the old days: Pintos and Appaloosas for the Indians, and
quarterhorses (straight from the U.S.) for the cowboys.
Leather professionals designed the Indian costumes and accessories. The Indian costumes were made from deerskin.
The decorations on the Indian war garments and headdresses are hand painted.
Accessories such as shields, bows and spears were all crafted following the traditional Indian methods.
It takes 80 technicians and 60 performing artists to stage the Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show.

Additional Information

Accessible to all

Not recommended for guests who suffer from allergies or asthma.

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Every day at 6:30pm & 9:30pm
No performance on Wednesday and Thursday (except at certain dates)

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