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We have all dreamt at one time or another of going through the silver screen and living the fabulous adventures of our favourite movie heroes.  Over a century has passed since the Lumière brothers' "La Sortie des Usines Lumière" was released upon an unsuspecting world in 1895.  CinéMagique celebrates the magic of movies with a tribute to some of the most memorable moments of European and American cinema.   This attraction, which is exclusive to the Walt Disney Studios Park, sees the spectator "transported" into the heart of a movie, where fact is even stranger than fiction, and fiction becomes reality…

Art deco and high technology
Guests take their seats in an 1100-seat movie theatre that is reminiscent of the projection rooms found in the Hollywood movie studios.  Seen from the outside, the studio presents the same Spanish Revival architecture as the movie palaces built in Hollywood in the 1930s.  Inside, the screening room is equipped with the very latest technological innovations, while everything from the usher's uniforms to the art deco interior design offer guests a nostalgic glimpse of the cinema of the past. 

The magic of the movies
The cinema show gets under way with a selection of cinema's greatest moments.  Suddenly, a member of the audience interrupts the screening.  The wizard on the silver screen is distracted by this, and magically transports the culprit from the auditorium into the movie!  The 'hero' is plunged into an incredible series of adventures, finding himself in the midst of a variety of film genres including comedy, westerns, action, adventure, musicals and… romance.

A difficult choice
During the adventure, the hero falls in love with the young and beautiful leading lady, and at one point attempts to save her life by taking an arrow that was destined for her.
The dramatic climax to the film features a knight who hurls a huge sword 'through' the silver screen, offering the hero an escape route to reality.  Once back, he is nevertheless confronted with a choice: should he stay in his own familiar world or risk everything and return to an unknown place where love may await…?

About this Attraction

Location: Production Courtyard

Type: Film show with special effects

Duration: 30 minutes

Show Capacity: 1,100 guests per show

Fastpass: No

Flash photography and video not permitted

Best time to visit: Check park guide for show times

Tips & Fun Facts

Plan to arrive around 10 minutes before showtime.

The hero on the screen is played by the Tony Award winning comedian Martin Short, who has appeared in a variety of films including Father of the Bride, Innerspace and Jungle2Jungle.
French actress Julie Delpy plays the heroine of the movie.  Since being discovered by Jean-Luc Godard in the 1985 film, Detective, she has appeared in Europa Europa, Krzystof Kieslowski’s Three Colors trilogy, The Three Musketeers, Killing Zoe and Before Sunrise.
French actor Tchéky Karyo plays the part of the knight, and is known for his work in The Patriot, Nikita, GoldenEye and many other movies.
Alan Cumming, who plays the wizard in the film, has appeared in such films as GoldenEye, Eyes Wide Shut and Spy Kids.
Marco Leonardi, who plays the role of the sheik, is best known for his roles in Like Water For Chocolate and Cinema Paradiso.

Additional Information

Wheelchairs accessible.
Induction loop for hearing impaired Guests.

This attraction may be frightening.

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