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Child Safety GPS System

In a recent study, 27% of all children under age 8 who visit an amusement park or family entertainment center go missing, often for greater than 15 minutes.

The Big Leap Tracking Device offers an assurance that if your child does go missing they can quickly be located again.

A Big Leap Tracking Device offers:
• A very small unit that can be easily hidden
• Real time tracking from anywhere in the world via the internet
• Parents can send a text message to the device which will provide a mobile web map link to the cell phone to
do an immediate locate from anywhere
• Urgent tracking mode for real time updates to locate the missing
• Toll free hotline for customer support to locate the missing
• Very low cost for the traveler
• Provided with carry pouch/belt loop, velcro strap, and safety pin to secure in a pocket if needed

People can rent the unit directly through

The average trip to Disney is 6-7 days so the daily cost per device equals $4, $28 for the week. For shorter trips up to 3 days, it is $16.
There are options for longer than 7 days also - all which equal $4 per day.  We think this is a real bargain when you consider the costs for stroller rentals, drinks, snacks, etc., none of which provides you with live help to find you missing child fast!

We request the order be placed 10 days in advance to ensure on time delivery to the home before departure. We offer last minute delivery for an additional charge. We also deliver it to the hotel so it is waiting for them upon arrival. Once they are finished, they can use the prepaid return packaging and drop the device and charger in the mail.  That's it!

The device. It is just slightly larger than a 9 volt battery weighing a mere 2 ounces. It will operate for 10 days on a full charge (which is how it is delivered), long enough for nearly all trips, but it also comes with the charger just in case it is needed (there is a low battery light on the device). It is very durable and waterproof. There are several ways it can be attached to the child. It comes with a pouch which we close with a small plastic wire tie so it cannot be opened. It has a belt loop, however most children do not wear a belt on shorts. Therefore, it has a separate loop which a safety pin goes through and then attaches to the inside of a pocket (pull the pocket out attach and push it back into the shorts/pants - Done!!  So now the device is secure in the pouch and the pouch secured into the pocket. Alternatively, we also ship a velcro strap to go around an ankle or upper arm (sort of like a MP3 player on a jogger).

How Does It Work?

1. Attach the device to your child with the supplied carry pouch.
2. The moment you notice your child is missing, simply call our hotline - within seconds we can locate the child and direct you towards him/her until found.

The accuracy outdoors is generally within 15 feet or so. We can view the device on a satellite view of whatever theme park the customer is at and direct them towards the missing child within 15 seconds of taking the phone call. All we require is the email address of the customer. Generally, the recovery process is under 5 minutes but can vary depending on how fast the child is running (we can see them moving on the map), and how far away they are from the parents.

There are additional methods available to renter. A friend or relative could log into the portal and view the location. In addition, parents view the device location on their cell phone. These are all fine but in a panic, having a hotline to call with someone who can direct you in the right direction is key.

Other solutions on the market today that are based on location are very short range units where the parents must carry a device as well. Once the child goes beyond 300 feet, the device is essentially useless. This is not the case with ours as it uses GPS and the cellular data network.

Other recovery methods such as tattoos and wristbands are fine except they rely totally on the actions of the child and others. The child must tell someone they are missing, this could take 10 minutes as they are preoccupied with whatever made them wander off. There are also dangers with those such as placing the child's name on them- not a good idea for a variety of reasons. Our solution empowers the parents with a real solution to find the missing child -- FAST.

Our goal is about reducing anxiety and panic with a fast recovery solution.

Click here to get further information and to rent.



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