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Luigi's Flying Tires

At Luigi’s Casa Della Tires, “Cars” characters Luigi and Guido play host to a “Festival of the Flying Tires.” When the music starts, tires float and dance in the grand tradition of a celebration that first started in Luigi’s hometown of Carsoli, Italy.

Guests board vehicles that look like oversized Fettuccini-brand tires, accommodating up to two adults and one child, or one adult and two children.

Luigi gives a countdown “Uno for the money, due for the tre to get ready and quattro to go!” and drops the flag for the “Festival of the Flying Tires.”

Gliding along, guests shift their body weight to guide the direction of the vehicle, bumping into other tires as they float across Luigi’s 8,000-square-foot Italian garden and tire storage yard.

Guests may work as a team to guide their tire and, for extra fun, try to catch one of the inflatable balls scattered throughout the attraction.

About this Attraction

Location: Cars Land

Type: floating tire ride

Fastpass: No

Best time to visit: Early morning or later in the day

Tips & Fun Facts

Check out the humerous collection of office supplies, mementos and photographs in Luigi's showroom and office before you board your tire!

It takes 6,714 air vents to keep the tires floating ever so slightly above the ground – approximately two inches.
The voice of award-winning actor Tony Shalhoub, who voiced Luigi in the movie, is heard throughout the attraction.
Nostalgic Disneyland fans will recognize the attraction as a descendant of the Flying Saucers attraction, which operated in Tomorrowland from 1961 to 1966.

Additional Information

Wheelchair and ECV Accessible
Transfer from Wheelchair or ECV to Ride Vehicle

Minimum height requirement:  32 inches (81 cm)

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