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Pop Century Resort Rooms

  • 2880 Guest Rooms
  • Disabled accessible rooms available
  • All rooms non-smoking
  • Buildings offer elevators and stairs

Room Categories



Sleep Configuration

Standard View
Enjoy rooms in other locations throughout this magically themed resort.
Offer views of wooded landscaping, a courtyard and pool or parking area.


1 King
2 Double

Preferred Room
Enjoy the close proximity to the pool and Guest facilities.
In 1960's buildings.


1 King
2 Double

+ = plus one child under 3 in a crib

Standard Guest Rooms

Maximum 2-4 Guests.

Make yourself at home in comfortable accommodations accented with whimsical, nostalgic details.

Room Amenities
  • Most rooms are available with two double beds. A limited amount of rooms with king-size beds are also available.
  • Disabled accessible rooms available
  • In-room pizza delivery
  • All rooms non-smoking
  • In-room safes in each room
  • Clock radio
  • Table and chairs
  • Dresser
  • Vanity area with sink. Separate bathroom.
  • Cribs, Irons, ironing boards, & hair dryers available on request.
  • Refrigerators available (please note there is an extra fee)
  • TV with Disney Channel and ESPN

Available upon request:

  • Bed Boards/Rails
  • Crib: Pack 'n Play
  • Hair Dryer
  • High Speed Internet (fee)
  • Mini-Refrigerator (fee)

Room Locations

1950's Lodge Buildings (3 Total)

Rooms 1101 - 1472 in Building 1
Rooms 2101 - 2472 in Building 2
Rooms 3101 - 3472 in Building 3

Center Icons:
Lady from "Lady & the Tramp"
The Tramp from "Lady & the Tramp"
Stairwell Icon:
Bowling Pin

The 1950s area features giant sock-hoppers dancing on the sides of the lodge buildings, possibly be-bopping to rock-and-roll tunes from the 40-foot-tall tabletop jukebox that anchors the courtyard. A bowling pin-shaped pool provides guests a cool dip. Or they can choose to relax on the bowling alley-inspired pool deck. The canine character stars from Disney's "Lady and the Tramp" animated feature film (released to theater audiences in 1955) gaze at each other across the courtyard.

1960's Lodge Buildings (2 Total)

Rooms 4101 - 4472 in Building 4
Rooms 5101 - 5472 in Building 5

Center Icons:
Baloo & Mowgli from "The Jungle Book"
Stairwell Icon:
Duncan Yo-yo

Amidst tie-dyed hues and psychedelic colors, the 1960s buildings bring out the fun in everyone. Play-Doh Pete, the artful child that adorned Play-Doh labels in the 1960s, is featured on a giant can of the popular modeling compound. Peeking out the top of the can are several Play-Doh animal creations, including a blue elephant and a yellow giraffe. Sharp-eyed guests will spot the "thumbprints" on the elephant's ears, seemingly created by the child who modeled the Play-Doh pachyderm. Baloo and Mowgli from Disney's "The Jungle Book" (released in 1967) are hand-in-hand across the courtyard. Giant Duncan Imperial-model yo-yos, with "strings" that measure more than one-foot in diameter, bookend each 1960s building. The centerpiece of the area is the Hippy Dippy Pool, a flower-shaped pool complete with squirting petals on the periphery.

1970's Lodge Buildings (2 Total)

Rooms 6101 - 6472 in Building 6
Rooms 0101 - 0472 in Building 10

Center Icons:
Mickey Mouse Phone
Big Wheel
Stairwell Icon:
8-Track Tape

In the 1970s courtyard, the colorful Big Wheel riding toy gets ready to roll, while a classic Mickey Mouse rotary-dial telephone calls from across the courtyard. Between the two towering icons, table soccer players stand at the ready for guests to wander amidst their imaginary game. Eight-track tapes, the popular musical medium of the decade, corner each building.

1980's Lodge Buildings (2 Total)

Rooms 7101 - 7472 in Building 7
Rooms 9101 - 9472 in Building 9

Center Icons:
Roger Rabbit
Sony Walkman
Stairwell Icon:
Rubik's Cube

In the 1980s area of Disney's Pop Century Resort, the most "puzzling" toy of the decade, the Rubik's Cube, towers more than 40 feet tall on each building. (Walt Disney Imagineers designed the different cubes to represent different stages of the solution process.) Across the courtyard, one of the original Sony Walkman models, and accompanying headphone set, anchors the building.

1990's Lodge Building (1 Total)

Rooms 8101 - 8472 in Building 8

Center Icon:
Laptop Computer
Stairwell Icon:
Cellular Phone

Closing out the century, the 1990s area pays tribute to two personal technology marvels -- the cellular telephone and the computer. A giant laptop computer is the centerpiece, while early-model cellular telephones stand at each corner. In the middle of the courtyard is a computer-shaped pool, complete with a spongy keyboard that offers guests an alphabet-filled pool deck area.

Best Room Locations

Rooms in the 1960's Buildings are closest to Classic Hall where all of the amenities are. These are preferred rooms and cost a bit extra per night.
They also tend to be the noisiest rooms due to the proximity of Classic Hall, the main feature pool, and the amount of passing foot traffic.

Rooms on the tops floors will be quieter than those on the first floors.

Some rooms in the 50's and 70's buildings are quite near to Classic Hall, and don't have the extra preferred room charge.

Rooms in the 80's and 90's buildings are furthest away from Classic Hall and are therefore quieter. There is a swimming pool in the middle of the 3 buildings which may get a bit noisy. If this would be a problem, request a room on the opposite side of the building.


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