Taking a Baby to Walt Disney World

By Guest Blogger Vikki W.

Taking a baby to Disney really is easier than you might think. We took Ava when she was six months old, so I thought I’d put some things together that would help anyone else who was thinking of taking a little person too.

First things first. The most important thing really is planning. Of course, if you’re taking a baby this would probably seem obvious, but the devil really is in the detail. I think I over planned to be perfectly honest, and considered things that I never really needed to. However I tend to think that over planning is always better than under planning.

Important things to note for us in particular was that I was breastfeeding Ava when we went, so even though I did try and take note of bottle feeding facilites, I didn’t look at those specifically. Also, we were doing baby led weaning with her, which pretty much means she ate whatever we did – no purees or anything like that to deal with. To be honest, although this is easier all round anyway, we chose this method particularly because we knew it would be easier to do with a baby around as we wouldn’t have to worry about jars or warming food up.

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Applying for the Disney College Program

By Guest Blogger Christina F.

So you’re in college or have a child who is and they (or you) have always wanted to work for Disney. The Disney College Program (DCP) makes that nice and easy.

The first thing to do is to head to the College Program Website (http://www.wdwcollegeprogram.com) to see if there will be a live presentation for you. If not, no fear, you can view the online presentation.

Once you view a presentation you will be able to do the application and Web Based Interview(WBI). This is a very important step that a lot of people gloss over. It takes about 20 minutes and has a lot of questions that you have to answer on a scale ranging from Strongly Disagree to Strongly Agree. The best tip for the WBI is to be consistent and try not to be too neutral. There are many questions that are the same but worded differently to be sure that you are really reading the questions.

The first thing to know about the DCP is to figure out when you would want to go. For the majority of students (culinary students aside) there are five seasons. Spring, Spring Advantage, Summer Alumni, Fall and Fall Advantage. As the name implies, Summer Alumni is for Alumni of the program so first timers cannot go just for the fall.

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